"Sensationally recorded. The best-sounding Ring on CD to date, bar none" - Gramophone

"...if, to all this, you add the best orchestral sound I’ve ever heard on a Naxos disc (luminous at the top, all warmth on the bottom), it’s small wonder it won that prestigious Gramophone award." - Max Westler, Enjoy The Music

"…this brilliant reading ... gets an equally amazing recording. Messrs. Walton and Rowlands capture the ‘Phil’ acoustics beautifully. The recording is tight as a drum—more controlled than strictured. It lets the listener hear the solos in a beautiful space and allows all the musicians to display the complete control that Petrenko elicits from his wonderful orchestra." - Audiophilia

"...captured in gloriously vivid, present sonics by the Naxos engineers. Thrilling, perfect, essential—a magnificent achievement and hands down the modern reference recording." - ClassicsToday.com

".... The deep, rich, vibrant, clear sound quality is enough to make this reading a must-have" - MusicWeb International (Recording of the year)

"…the recording is a technological triumph overseen by producer and engineer Phil Rowlands, whose expertise has produced a recording that satisfies both as a faithful reading of Wagner’s sonically thrilling score and as a memento of the frisson of this important occasion. Neither performances nor recordings of Das Rheingold are rare, but performances and recordings of the quality of this one, distinguished by the participation of a splendidly-selected cast…" - Voix des Arts

"Power and Crawford-Phillips are a superb duo, matching their depth and richness of tone with an energetic, passionate approach, and the warm recorded sound lets them shine" - BBC Music Magazine

Phil Re-mastered/mixed this archived Tennstedt recording, which is cut together from two live concerts

"The orchestral playing is at boiling point right from the start here, with Tennstedt on inspirational form ... These must have been nights to remember for listeners at the Royal Festival Hall ... Excellent sound quality". - Hi-Fi News, December 2016

"...sensational: brilliant playing, stunning recorded sound and tremendously exciting conducting....The Orfeo producers have done a brilliant job at capturing the sound of the entire orchestra at full pelt...I was also really impressed with how clearly audible everything was at the climax ... which serves as an encomium to the good work of the Orfeo engineers." - MusicWeb International

"...Naxos’s recording, too, is a fine one: crisp and clear, with excellent transient response. (The percussion in La Péri is really scintillating!) …with excellent playing and state-of-art digital sound, the present disc from Naxos is more than a bargain, and I highly recommend it." -  © 2015 Audiophile Audition

"The fine playing of the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra is supported well by admirable engineering. Those who are unfamiliar with Tingaud’s work will find an outstanding introduction to it in this disc: a major new conductor." - © 2015 MusicWeb International

"...exemplary results from his assembled performers, and producer/engineer Phil Rowlands has captured it all to outstandingly realistic effect." - Gramophone

"This is a finely presented CD. The performances from the baritone, William Dazeley in The Seven Last Words is excellent. The choral singing is always well-balanced and clear. And finally the Bath Philharmonia under Gavin Carr give a committed account of this deeply felt music. The liner-notes by the composer are always helpful. The sound quality is faultless." - John France

"Even in the face of such assaults the recording shows no sign of stress or strain. Engineer Phil Rowlands has done an exemplary job with this one...

...the sound is class-leading,..." - Music, USA

"...… this beautifully recorded issue will certainly not disappoint" - BBC Music Magazine

"...Hyperion's sumptuously realistic sonics do it full justice" - Classical Ear

"...Hyperion has given him a clear and warm recording." - MusicWeb International

"...a delightful listen Performances and recording are second-to-none..." - Classical Music Magazine

"...Chandos’s sound is, per normal, first-rate.” - American Record Guide

"...well played and warmly recorded performances..." - Fanfare

"...well played and recorded throughout..." - MusicWeb International

"...the Naxos engineers have done a magnificent job capturing the noble fanfares and dynamically impressive tuttis. Indeed, I’d say this is the most spectacular Naxos sound I’ve heard in a long time; bravos all round.....The Naxos engineers deserve plenty of praise too, as the fine sound adds immeasurably to one’s enjoyment..." - MusicWeb International

"...very well engineered by Phil Rowlands..." - Huffington Post

"...Naxos’ sound is pristine and bright." - Allmusic.com

"...outstanding quality. The recording has plenty of impact, and comes down to the most atmospheric pianissimos." - © 2012 David Denton, David's Review Corner

"Engineer Phil Rowlands has managed to tame the resonance of the recording venue—The Lighthouse, Poole—which in the past I have found clouds some of the detail of the BSO recordings there. This disc strikes a fine balance between detail and warmth. The orchestral sound-field is convincingly spread left to right with good depth too." - Nick Barnard, MusicWeb International

"The work has been recorded before, and quite well too…but certainly this performance ranks with the best available... the sonics are both rich and vivid." - ClassicsToday.com

"...the superb sound provided by the Grammy-winning producer and engineer, Tim Handley and Phil Rowlands. Definitely a winner." - © 2012 Fanfare

"The sound quality of this disc is excellent" - John France, British Classical music

"The engineering is clean and clear; it suits the music. A fine disc."  - © 2012 ClassicsToday.com

"As with most productions from this source, Naxos’ engineering is excellent" - © ClassicsToday.com

"Excellent engineering is just another reason to give this disc strong consideration… " - © 2012 Fanfare

"...caught in healthy sound ... by the reliable team of producer Andrew Walton and engineer Phil Rowlands." - MusicWeb International

"Naxos’ sound is a good match: bright, forward, nicely detailed." - Audiophile Audition

"...aided and most vividly abetted by the larger than life Naxos recording." - MusicWeb International

"This does what surround sound should: supply ambient, atmospheric information from the rear of the hall without in any way 'pulling' the frontal image . . . it is a first-rate example of how multi-channel recording can provide a more lifelike experience" - Gramophone

"The recording has exceptional weight and fullness..." - Gramophone