Jaap van Zweden (music director, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Forthcoming  music director, New York Phil)

To have somebody who is able to produce a sound that is so close to what we have produced on stage, and somebody who understands the music so well and at the same time is the Tonmeister for the production, but also knows so much about music... that is a combination you have not so often... 
Usually you have three or four different people for all kinds of individual things; and in this person you have everything together...He is connected to everything - not only to the mics, but he is connected to the musicians, and he is connected to the problems that can occur during a recording session. So for that reason I think we have a unique person with us."

Phil Rowlands is an extraordinary artist in the recording studio.  His incredible ears, his musical knowledge, and his ability to create a gorgeous sonic landscape have made every one of our recording projects an artistic highlight and a delight as well.  Phil is able to understand the nuances of the conductor's vision and the orchestra's personality, and works with the greatest sensitivity to create a truly beautiful product." 

JoAnn Falletta (music director, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra)

photo: Illinois Public Media (TM)

After three years of collaboration by producing Der Ring des Nibelungen with the Hong Kong Philharmonic under Jaap van Zweden, I can say from the bottom of my heart that Phil Rowlands is one of the most professional, sensitive and creative producers I have worked with."

Matthias Goerne (Baritone)

Phil Rowlands is the perfect partner for the recordings of French music I'm doing for Naxos. He understands exactly the sound I want to achieve and we share the same expectations of perfection and intensity. His calm manner, his patience and organisation during sessions are extremely precious. Being a great person and musician adds to the invaluable experience of making recordings with Phil. He is my number one producer."

Jean-Luc Tingaud (conductor)

Phil is a master-alchemist of sound - meticulous in his attention to detail , his perfectionism is only matched by his desire to create the best ever recordings: everything he touches turns to gold!
Darrell Ang (conductor)